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Tips for Choosing the Right Pet Groomer: What to Look For

Tips for Choosing the Right Pet Groomer: What to Look For

Along with the sanitary benefits, grooming also allows for an easy way to monitor your pet for potential issues. But how do you choose the right person for the job? Here, our Marcello Veterinary Hospital vets talk about grooming and bathing for pets in Houma and Mathews and share some tips for choosing the right groomer for your cat or dog.

Grooming and Bathing For Cats and Dogs

While not every dog will need ongoing, regular professional grooming visits, most dogs love being bathed and brushed. Some dogs, however, greatly benefit from visiting the groomer to clean up and messy, matted fur or debris.

But how do you choose the groomer that will work best for your dog and their needs?

How to Choose a Groomer For Your Pet

Here are five things to consider when choosing the right groomer for your dog or cat:

Is the groomer experienced?

Choose a groomer who is appropriately qualified and experienced. While many groomers have had professional training and much experience. Some groomers gain their qualifications through online courses that don't even require any physical experience.

Take a look at where the groomer obtained their certification. Are they qualified to apply flea and tick medications? Do they have hands-on experience grooming pets of all types, breeds and sizes?

Are the grooming facilities clean and safe?

When choosing a grooming facility for your dog or cat you will want to choose a location that is well-kept and clearly sanitary. If the facility does not follow strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols, it could lead to infections and other dangers for your beloved companion. Always tour the facility before making your decision on a new groomer.

Does your pet need extra care due to anxiety?

Some dogs and cats have emotional or behavioral concerns such as anxiety. This can make visiting a loud or busy grooming facility nearly impossible. If this sounds like your pet then you may want to choose a mobile groomer who will come to your home to perform the required cat or dog grooming or bathing services.

Is the groomer recommended by other pet owners in the area?

If you are looking for a new groomer, you may want to figure out what other pet owners' experiences were like.

Take a look at their website, Facebook page or Google reviews to see what people are saying as well as photos of pets that have been groomed by them.

You could always ask around your neighborhood and at your veterinary clinic.

What is the price of grooming and does it fit your budget?

Groomers will have different prices depending on what their costs are, where they are located and the pets and types of grooming services they offer. Always look into this before deciding to ensure that they are within your budget.

You could also make sure that you know what is included in the price. Some groomers may only perform a wash and trim in their basic grooming service, while others may also add in nail trims and ear cleaning.

Pet Grooming and Bathing Services at Marcello Veterinary Hospital

At both of our Marcello Veterinary Hospital locations, we are proud to have Spaws for Paws. This is the “paw”fect place to pamper your pets.

Our groomers have an outright love for both the work that they do and the animals that they see. They focus on ensuring the comfort of all pets that visit while making them look and feel their best.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Spaws for Paws offers grooming and bathing services to keep your pet clean, healthy, and as adorable as ever! Contact Marcello Veterinary Hospital to learn more about our grooming and bathing services.

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