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Diagnostic Imaging

With digital radiology and ultrasound, we can offer your pet the very best in veterinary diagnostics imaging at Marcello Veterinary Hospital

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Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Marcello Veterinary Hospital offers the latest, state-of-the-art imaging technology available in veterinary medicine, including digital radiology and ultrasound.

Having these tools as well as an in-house laboratory means that we have a wide range of diagnostic services housed at both of our locations in Houma and Raceland. 

These diagnostic capabilities enable us to provide advanced patient care for companion pets in Houma, Thibodaux, Morgan City, Raceland, and Mathews.

By leveraging our diagnostic capabilities, we can efficiently produce diagnostic information about your pet's condition and provide immediate treatment options.

Vet Diagnostic Imaging, Louisiana Vet

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology allows us to capture high-resolution images instantly without having to perform numerous retakes. The images are sharper than regular X-rays, can be magnified, focused, and contrasted to show great detail of the area of interest.

This non-invasive procedure gives our veterinarians a clear view of what is going on internally with your pet, and allows us to detect and diagnose ailments quickly and accurately.

Digital radiology is particularly useful for several patient conditions including cases of coughing, foreign body ingestion, limb lameness, heart disease, constipation, and more.

After diagnosis, our team can formulate a treatment plan to help your pet get back to feeling their best.


Ultrasound is an extremely useful, non-invasive diagnostic instrument that produces clear, easy-to-read images that are more detailed than an X-ray. It sends high-frequency sound waves into the area of interest where they may be transmitted through, reflected, or absorbed by the tissues they encounter. The waves that are reflected will return as echoes to the device and are converted into an image, giving a two-dimensional moving picture of your pet's internal organs and tissues.

The ultrasound allows our veterinarians to visualize the structure and architecture of abdominal organs, so they can find any abnormalities that cannot be seen or felt during an examination. It is used most often to diagnose bladder and kidney stones, discover abdominal masses, to aid in the assessment of organ function, to diagnose cardiac problems, and to evaluate pregnancies.

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