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Meet Our Team

Our teams at Marcello Veterinary Hospital in Raceland and Houma love what they do and strive to make every pet and pet-parent who visits us feel welcome and cherished.

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Office Manager

Katrina Theriot, Louisiana Office Manager

Katrina Theriot

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    Quote: “Family is one of the most important things, and I love our family atmosphere. We treat every pet and client as family.”
    Family: Sidney Jr., husband; Sidney III and Karson, sons; Cooper and Mater, dogs; Arlo, cat
    Hometown: Dulac, LA
    Hobbies: Playing piano, singing, and spending time with family

    Joined the team in 2020

Client Care Representative

Donna Thomassie, Louisiana Client Care Representative

Donna Thomassie

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    Quote: “I enjoy handling animals and being able to help them when they are sick.”
    Family: Ryan, husband; Adaline, daughter; Lundun, Molly and Maxus, dogs
    Hometown: Raceland, LA
    Hobbies: Softball, hunting, and being outdoors

    Joined the team in 2014.

Veterinarian Techs and Assistants

Claire Brister, Louisiana Veterinary Technician

Claire Brister

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    Quote: “The Marcello family are the best people I’ve worked with. We truly are family.”
    Family: Sox, dog
    Hometown: Houma, LA
    Hobbies: Watching Netflix

    Joined the team in 2020.

Jennifer Thibodaux, Louisiana Veterinary Technician

Jennifer Thibodaux

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    Quote: “I enjoy working with animals and our doctors.”
    Family: Liv and Alex, daughters; Ika, cat; RJ, bearded dragon; Lola, dog
    Hometown: New Orleans, LA
    Hobbies: Bowling

    Joined the team in 2010.

Julie Bourg, Louisiana Veterinary Technician

Julie Bourg

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    Quote: “The love from an animal is like no other. Without it, life would be harder and sadder.”
    Family: Kitty, cat, Suga, dog
    Hometown: Schriever, LA
    Hobbies: Singing, watching movies

    Joined the team in 2020.

Katelyn Pitre, Louisiana Veterinary Technician

Katelyn Pitre

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    Quote: “For career days in elementary school, I would dress up as a vet.”
    Family: Sanders, dog, Chance, cat
    Hometown: Raceland, LA
    Hobbies: Shopping

    Joined the team in 2021.

Kristian Ribardi, Louisiana Veterinary Technician

Kristian Ribardi

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    Quote: “A dog is a woman’s best friend.”
    Family: Summer, dog
    Hometown: Raceland, LA
    Hobbies: Watching Netflix

    Joined the team in 2020.

Malorie Cunningham, Louisiana Veterinary Technician

Malorie Cunningham

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    Quote: “It always seems impossible until it’s done,” Nelson Mandela
    Family: Maverick, cat
    Hometown: Houma, LA
    Hobbies: Reading, working out, and Disney trips

    Joined the team in 2020.

Rhea Pitre, Louisiana Veterinary Technician

Rhea Pitre

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    Quote: “An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."
    Family: Kissy and Tyson, parents; Beau, boyfriend; Ellie, Bosco, Jake, dogs; Roxie, Lena, Jigsaw, horses
    Hometown: Raceland, LA
    Hobbies: Riding horses, barrel racing, and being outdoors

    Joined the team in 2018.

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